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We strive to provide  growers and managers in all agricultural fields quality agricultural products coupled with superior guidance and unwavering customer service.  We strive to help each and every one of our clients achieve the goals  they desire.  Whether it be higher yields, higher quality or both we have a product and a program that can help you succeed. 

 We help farms, golf courses, sports fields and vineyards through out the  southwest achieve the results they are looking for.  These are trying  times for managers and owners in all of these areas.  Severe drought and  economic strain have driven the cost of doing business to all time  highs.  Our goal is to help you find an affordable, effective solution  to help overcome these challenges.   


· Fertilizers, Bio-Stimulants, Wetting Agents and More! 

We carry a full line of quality liquid and granular fertilizers as well as seed treatments, wetting agents, pigments and soil amendments.  Many of our products are manufactured with a propriety natural chelation technology for fast effective use by the plant.  We also carry a full line of products certified for organic growers! 

· Soil, Tissue and Water Testing 

Need to know what is in your soil, or in your water, how about what your plant is getting out of both?  We can help! We work with one of the best labs in the country to provide our clients with fast accurate testing and results. 

· Consultation and Guidance 

Whether you need help with an unexpected issue or just a second opinion we have over 30 years of experience in Agriculture management at your disposal.  Weather you need help correcting a deficiency in the soil or an entire fertilizer program built we can help. 

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Jeramie Black-CCA, President/Owner
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Melissa Black-Director of Administration